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ReceiptBank Automated Accounting

ReceiptBank refers to the process of automated accounting used by accountants and  bookkeepers for their clients and by businesses with their own dedicated finance departments.

The availability of online accounting packages and smart phone technologies have combined to bring “on the move” ReceiptBank to professionals such as accountants and bookkeepers, but now also SME businesses such as Sole Traders, Self Employed and Limited Companies.

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Why Use ReceiptBank?

ReceiptBank captures, analyses and posts invoices, receipts and statements into your accounting package.

The accounting package will then automatically update your financial management reports to give you the up to date picture of your business finances.

Ever experienced lost receipts? Or an envelope somewhere of all your petrol receipts that take an age to enter, at some unknown point in the future?

If yes, it sounds like ReceiptBank could be very useful for you.


Advantages of ReceiptBank

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